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Visol 2-in-one Champagne Stopper Pump - VAC381

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• Simply plug it on half empty champagne bottle, keep pressing the top of the pump until the air inside the bottle is full. Pumping fills the inside of the bottle with air.

• This Champagne Pump by Visol does both tasks: Pumps air in and works as the bottle stopper. Helps avoid champagne loose air bubbles by pumping air. The top can be rotated the marker can be aligned to the date of the month when the stopper was put on. Numbers 1 thru 31 are marked on the lower half of the product.

• Champagne can be preserved for up to 2 weeks after pumping air in with this pump.

• Stainless steel body on the exterior, plastic and silicone interior

• Works on all standard sized champagne bottles.

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