Visol Tornado Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter - Black Matte

Visol Tornado Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter - Black Matte

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Bring the power of a Tornado to your next cigar with this single torch flame lighter from Visol. A cylindrical shape allows the Tornado to fit comfortably in the hand while it easily engages the hottest of blue flames with a push from the the thumb. At just over two ounces, this lighter has a nice feel and its unique metal body features etchings and a black finish for a tough look that's sure to kick up some dust. Refillable and adjustable, the piercing flame of the Tornado never backs down, not even to the strongest of winds. Go ahead and light up whenever and wherever you like with this amazing torch flame lighter, because no one can stand in the way of a Tornado.

  • Approx. Dimensions: Height: 3 inches Diameter: 0.82 inches
  • Approx. Weight: 2.04oz
  • Torch Flame Lighter
  • Wind Resistant
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Metal Body
  • Single Action Ignition
  • Butane Refillable Lighter
  • Mirror Finish on Top
  • Black Finish with Etched Design on Body
  • Engraving is not offered on this item.

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