Visol Capsule Stainless Steel Cigar Punch

Visol Capsule Stainless Steel Cigar Punch

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Enjoy a powerful punch in a small package with the Capsule form Visol. This small, lightweight punch splits in two to expose a 7 mm cutting surface that will create a clean hole in your cigar for the perfect draw. Just pull off the bottom, punch and return. It really is that easy! And, while putting the capsule back together, an integrated ejector post will clean out your punch so it will be ready for next time. Us the key ring to keep your punch with you, hang it on your golf bag, or attach it to a briefcase so you are never without your capsule punch.

  • Superb Quality Stainless Steel
  • Eject Mechanism
  • Key Ring
  • High Polish Finish
  • Unique Capsule Design
  • Engraving is not offered on this item.

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