Engraving an Item

Engraving Fonts:

For All Monogram Fonts, the initials should be typed into the engraving box in the following order: First Name Initial, Last Name Initial, Middle Name Initial

For all other fonts, please type in the initials in the exact order you want them to be engraved.

Engraving An Item

What could be cooler than a personalized flask or accessory with your name on it? In our effort to provide the best shopping experience on the web, eFlasks is proud to introduce a whole range of engravable items, from leather flasks to groomsmen gifts. Just check the engraving information box on the item of your choice for a host of engaging options that will help you customize your order and really make it your own. Be sure to check out our engraving fonts page as well to pick that perfect scripted design!

If you're looking for something more than a text engraving, we've got you covered! At eFlasks we always strive to give our customers exactly what they want, and that's why we're proud to offer logo engravings. Send us your logo design and we'll be happy to customize your order however you like! Because of the unique effort required for logo engravings, we require a minimum order of 25 items and charge a nominal setup fee. Contact us at info@eFlasks.com to get started on adding your very own customized logo to our fantastic items today!

Want an engraving but need your order on the double? Not to worry, with our rush engraving option, we can process your order in as little as 1-2 business days, engravings and all!

Engraving Multiple Items:

Getting a group of flasks for your favorite groomsmen with an individual engraving for each man? At eFlasks, we've made engraving multiple items as easy as the push of a button for your convenience! To add unique engravings to a group of the same item, simply complete the following steps:

  • Locate the engraving text box on the item page.
  • Enter the engraving information for the first item and select your preferred font.
  • Click on the "[ + ] Add Another Personalized Product" button. A new engraving text box will appear below the original engraving text box.
  • Enter the engraving information and select your preferred font for the second item in the new engraving text box.
  • Repeat the process as many times as necessary to have a group of incredible items, customized and ready to go! You can also watch the video below to visually see how to enter multiple engravings.



Engraving Policy:

The moment an engraving order comes into eFlasks, our engraving staff jumps into action so that you will receive your order as fast as possible. Items are engraved in the order they were received, which means that the average engraving order will be processed in 3 business days. However, for those that need their items engraved in 1-2 business days, we offer rush engraving. Selecting this service means that our diligent engraving staff will give your order first priority and begin customizing each item as soon as you place your order!

To ensure that your personalized item is exactly how you want it, we engrave the exact text in the exact order that you type into the engraving text box when you place your order. We will also use the precise font you select as well. Please feel free to give us further instructions or directions in the comment section of your order form, such as the preferred location for your engraving. We want to do our very best for you, and we welcome all comments to help us achieve that goal!

If a font or location is not specified, our staff will choose the Roman Block font and the most appropriate location on the item for the engraving. All engravings are final upon order, but our staff will attempt to contact you if they suspect that a mistake may have been made or that the order may not come out exactly as you desire. The last thing we want is a disappointed customer, so rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make certain you are completely satisfied with all of your items every time you shop with eFlasks. To enter an engraving, the video right below will walk you through the steps.



If you would like a monogram on your item, please note that you must select a monogram font for your engraving, such as Roman Monogram, Diamond Monogram, Circle Monogram, or Interlocking Monogram. When entering your initials into the engraving text box, please enter them in the following order: First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial. For example, a monogram for John F. Kennedy should be entered JKF. It will then appear as JKF on the item. Please note that you can get an engraving with three letters in a non-monogram font, but the middle letter will not appear bigger than the first or third letter. As with monogram engravings, the three letters will be engraved in the order they are written in the engraving text box. For a visual how to enter monogram and non-monogram initial engravings, check out the video below.



If an engraving font was not selected for your order, we will automatically engrave your order in Roman Block.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on engraved items. If items were mis-engraved, please email us a picture of the item and include your order number as reference. We will contact you to discuss your concerns. For further information, see our engraving policy page.

Engraving Prices:

For a limited time we are offering a Free Engraving promotion on all of our items. Be sure to take advantage of this great special promotion while it lasts! And for all the brides and grooms-to-be out there, eFlasks wants to offer our sincerest best wishes by providing you with free engraving on all your groomsmen gifts!

If you would like rush engraving on your order, we charge a nominal fee of $4 per item. Orders with rush engraving usually ship within 1-2 business days.

For additional lines of engraving, we charge a $5.95 fee for each additional line.

If you have a bulk order that features similar engravings, such as a group of groomsmen gifts or personalized fraternity flasks with Greek lettering, be sure to ask us about a bulk discount! At eFlasks, we want to provide the highest quality items at the lowest possible prices, all with first class customer service from a company you can trust!

Pricing for items with personalized logos will vary by the nature of the logo and the quantity of items ordered. Please contact us at info@eFlasks.com for specific information and a price quote.